After the First Visit

That Evening

After the adjustment, most people still have pain but they usually feel that their muscles are beginning to loosen up. Don't get to comfortable with this feeling, you have only begun treatment. It is important when you go home to apply ice to areas that were found to be tender in your examination and treatment.


The ice should be applied for 15-20 minutes. When applying ice make sure that you have a towel, pillow case or some type of material between your skin and the ice, without this you could burn your skin.The ice can be applied on the hour for as many times as you would like, however 2-3 times should be sufficient.

Day 2

On the second day after the examination and first visit you can expect to be a little sore. Most people feel like they are moving better but feel soreness as they move. Don't let the soreness confuse you. Although you may feel like there is only little improvement the soreness is a good sign. The soreness that you are feeling, means that we are addressing the problem areas and we are removing waste product and inflammation from the musculature and the surrounding areas. This waste product is toxic to the musculature and nerves which is part of the reason you are hurting. These toxic chemicals, while in the musculature are irritating it, when they are pushed out of the musculature and into the surrounding area, they can irritate the pain nerve fibers. This chemical irritation can cause the pain nerves to fire with less stimulation, which is why you feel sore. Because the toxic waste products irritate the pain nerves, it can sometimes feel like you have gotten worse the day after your first treatment. Give it 24 hours and you will feel better or just give us a call.

To help with the soreness continue with the ice as explained above and drink plenty of water. The ice helps push the irritants from the injured area while the water will help your body clean them up so you can pee them out. If you are not peeing clear you are not drinking enough water.

Day 3

According to the severity of your condition you may be asked to return on day 2 or 3. Whether you have another appointment on day 3 or not, most people wake up feeling much better on this day. The reason you feel better is because you have used ice to move irritants out of your problem areas and you have used water to remove them from your system.

These same type procedure should be used after every visit to help your healing process. Without it your treatment time could be considerably longer